We are one team

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Our commitment to the PARAT Group is evident at all our sites, which have been operating for over 20 years in Germany, Hungary, Romania, and China: in Neureichenau since 1961, in Romania since 1998, and in Hungary since 2001. Our youngest team member, our site in Nantong (China), joined in 2016.

All our locations are united by the determination to improve every day. Our plants operate with a great deal of autonomy, allowing them to work independently. A common understanding of the advantages of our group creates the willingness to coordinate processes and implement standards that unite all of our locations.

Our facilities operate independently while sharing a common goal of continuous improvement and adherence to high-quality standards. We prioritize mutual respect and understanding to support our collaboration and efficiency, which is part and parcel of our high claim of quality.


Our production network in Europe and Asia allows short delivery distances to our customers. This reduces CO2 emissions and guarantees on-time and stable supply to our customers.

Here you’ll find our headquarters with Key Account Management, superior Project Management, Strategic Purchasing, and our central Quality Management.

At our production site in Germany, you can visit one of the most advanced facilities for fiber composites in the world. Welcome!

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Our facility in Szügy is one hour and a half’s drive north of Budapest, near the Slovakian border. With state-of-the-art machinery, we manufacture thermoforming parts, (R)RIM and RIM components as well as textile plastic composites.

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Sighișoara is located in Midwest Romania. You reach our site within an hour and a half’s drive from Sibiu. In the traditional textile stronghold of Sighișoara, we produce technical textile components that meet the highest requirements. If textiles need to be beyond mere fabric, then you are in good hands at PARAT Technology in Romania.

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Our Nantong site ranks among the most advanced production and development facilities in the world for the production of fiber-reinforced composites. Getting there is an easy way true to the ancient Chinese proverb: No road is long with a friend by your side.

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