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A year ago, our Rethink Plastics Conference (RPC) at the Future Dome of our partner FILL marked the leap into the new era of plastics technology.
Rethink Plastics Conference 3
A lot has happened since then: Our highly modern particle back foaming plant of FILL, which have been presented at the RPC, is now in operation in Neureichenau. By using dynamic temperature control units, we can back-foam surfaces directly in the tools.
The result are parts with high-quality surface at cost-attractive conditions.
The newly developed production process does not only protect resources, but it also reduces the CO₂ footprint and gives us the opportunity to increases the recyclability - a milestone in the manufacture of trim parts.

Another highlight of the year was our rebranding process. With the new design and the new name PARAT Technology, we have fundamentally repositioned our brand.
The slogan "RETHINK PLASTICS" stands for the essential change of mindset in our generation and further symbolizes our high-quality standards and innovative spirit. Our pioneering work and thinking, combined with the concept of sustainability, are driven by the passion of our team.

We look back with pleasure on what we have achieved and are looking forward to continuing to drive new, innovative and, above all, sustainable technologies in order to further expand our leading position in the industry.