We pursue a clear vision: to give plastics significance also in the future and transparently respond to current challenges of sustainability!

The plastics community, including PARAT, is entering a new age

Race to zero
The plastics community, including PARAT Technology, is entering a new age.  

We must also fulfill our responsibilities in this context. Of course, we as PARAT cannot cope with the climate crisis alone, nor can we master the resulting challenges for plastics technology, but we can contribute to it.  

Our ambition is to make a substantial contribution to our industry.  

We want to inspire others and demonstrate our commitment. 

We want to set new benchmarks for sustainable plastic trim parts, reduce our CO₂ footprint using new technologies (> 50 %), and maximize the percentage of " post-consumer " recyclates. Our goal is to further increase the recycling rate of our existing products and the materials we process to more than 50 %.  

Our components should be part of an efficient recycling economy – but, above all, remain affordable. Our customers should be able to afford the use of sustainable plastic materials. We need to play a key role here.  

This centers on our own direct and indirect emissions and waste.

In concrete terms:

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